Make Do and Mend

Our Make Do and Mend puppet game is aimed at children aged 5 – 11 years. It’s a great way to learn and get creative.

After you've created a puppet in the game, why not try it for real using recycled materials?

Play the game!

Make Do and Mend was created by artist Alison Stockmarr, who made The Puppet Suitcase as part of a project called Art Reflecting Citizenship (ArC). Seven artist-created suitcases tour schools all over the country, teaching children about citizenship topics.

If you would like to borrow the suitcases for your school, please email

ArC is a partnership project with firstsite, CSN Consultancy and Colchester Schools Consortium. It was funded by Arts Council England.

Makedoandmend story, puppets and artwork © Alison Stockmarr, 2008

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