For children and families

Free Family Saturday

Every Saturday

Every Saturday 11am – 1pm and 2 - 4pm, Learning Studios

An intriguing family activity with a firstsite artist and a different theme each week all based on the firstsite exhibition. It's entirely free and you can stay for as little or as long as you like.

28 June - Crossword Buildings
Bruce McLean designed a building with a gigantic crossword puzzle as its walls. Join us during RIBA Love Architecture Week 2014 to create your own versions of crossword buildings.

5 July - Soup Sculptures
How do you create a sculpture from soup? - join our artist to see how.

12 July - Only For A Day
King, Queen, Prince or Princess for a day. What would you make if you could create anything at all?

19 July - Rubbish Sculpture
Use scrap, old things, discarded objects and pure rubbish to make sculptures.

26 July & 2 August- Sculpture Station
A session at the sculpture station to create your own structure from unusual materials and display them in a frame or on a tiny plinth.

9 August - Painting is Sculpture (inside and outside, weather permitting)
Giant painting, paper, canvas, chalk on pavements, paint on buildings, how big can you go?

16 August - Everything is Sculpture (inside and outside, weather permitting)
Come along and get involved in playing games as we push the limits of what can be sculpture.

23 August - Sculpture is Sculpture (inside and outside, weather permitting)
This event will let you test and explore your own ideas for a sculpture.

30 August - Moving is Sculpture (inside and outside, weather permitting)
Dance, movement, singing, music, circus, flow skills and words. A wonderful range of performance skills to try out and mould into your own moving sculptures.

6 September - Break the Rules
What could you create when someone gives you permission? Break those rules - go on, anything is possible!

13 September - Lean on a Wall / Step on a Ball
It seems very simple, but at firstsite some of the walls lean on you! This event challenges architecture with our bodies.

20 September - Minimal Vs Maximal
Try your hand at something or nothing, loads or little, millions or minimums.

27 September - Artists Can Change the World
They probably can, but if you are the artist what will you do to change it using art to help you on the way?

4 October - Nothing or Something
Just as it says, create something from nothing.

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