For Children and Families

Free Family Saturday

Every Saturday

Every Saturday 11am – 1pm and 2 - 4pm, Learning Studios

An intriguing family activity with a firstsite artist and a different theme each week all based on the firstsite exhibition. It's entirely free and you can stay for as little or as long as you like.

10 January - Sensory Exploration
To link with the interactive exhibition in the University Space, come along and try your hand at sculpting in clay.

17 January - Associate Artists
Join Associate Artist Savinder Bual for a session which builds upon her work in rotating imagery and objects based on precinematic devices. Savinder will be inviting participants to make thaumatropes - these were popular in the 19th Century. This workshop revisits these fascinating spinning toys in a playful and creative environment.

24 January - Comical Comics
It's Global Belly Laugh Day so hold on to your sides and create a colourful comic about you, your family and your friends.

31 January - Carnival!
It’s Carnival festival season in Europe so join in with our mini carnival. Including mask-making, face painting, float creation and a bit of carnival dance.

7 February - Radio Showtime: Create Voices from the Air
Join artists Rachel McGivern and Jess White from Satellite Collective to try out making your own radio programmes in a perfectly formed tiny radio station.

14 February - Storyville Art - Missing Artists and RiverFinds 
Join artists Sorrel Muggridge and Kate Hodges from other/other/other at this week's Free Family Saturday.

21 February - Storyville Art- Transformations and Autobiographies
Join artist Holly Rumble from other/other/other at this week's Free Family Saturday.

28 February - Radio Showtime: Create Voices of the Future
What stories will people tell in the future about the art of today? Create a recording of your own in response to the forthcoming artwork at firstsite. With Satellite Collective.

7 March - World Book Day
Everything you can imagine about books…and lots of art too!

14 March - Hybrid Objects
A session which takes inspiration from the new exhibition delivered by other/other/other artists Holly Rumble and Sorrel Muggridge.

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