For children and families

Creative Family Drop-In

23 July - 30 August, every Monday - Saturday (not Sundays)

11am - 12.30pm and 2 - 3.30pm

A different artist-led session with a Bruce McLean theme. You can return again and again during the holidays for something new each time. Suitable for families with children ages 4 - 11 years.

Week 1: 23 - 26 July
Sculpture Station

Week 2: 28 July - 2 August
Sculpture Station

Week 3: 4 - 9 August
Painting is Sculpture

Week 4: 11 - 16 August
Everything is Sculpture

Week 5: 18 - 23 August
Sculpture is Sculpture

Week 6: 25 - 30 August
Moving is Sculpture

£1.50 per person, adults required to stay, take part and pay, booking essential.

More information:

Moving is Sculpture

Join artist Mandy Roberts on a journey of discovery and take part in a series of live and interactive artworks.  From the familiar to the surreal and the choreographed to the spontaneous, all 'movement' will take place within the boundaries of specially constructed circular arenas, both inside and outside the firstsite building.  Expected the unexpected!

Painting is Sculpture

Artist Claudia Bose will help you to create your own artwork inspired by the paintings of Bruce McLean. During the sessions she will get you to look at his expressive use of plinths and cheeky vibrancy of colour in painting.  Families will be encouraged to look at which elements are important in his work, and then try it for yourselves. Using crayons, pencils, acrylic paint, paper, printmaking and collage to create you will create your own personal abstract or figurative painting with your family and friends.

Everything is Sculpture: Sleeping in the Gallery

Collaborative artists Townley and Bradby are interested in the types of space that emerge within family life: noisy spaces and calm spaces, messy spaces and ordered spaces, spaces for action and spaces for relaxation.

Come to Learning Studio B and use simple construction techniques to build shelters: wooden beams that bolt together to make a free-standing structure, cardboard sheets and blankets as coverings. Use your shelter for painting, or snoozing, or playing, or hiding.  At the end of the day the shelters will be dismantled, and the parts re-used the next day.

Follow their blog with regular updates about their stay here

Sculpture is Sculpture
Join artist Jo Chapman to create a fantastic sculptural wall, inspired by Bruce McLean's work, that will evolve as the week progresses.

A wall will be constructed in the Learning Studio from large cardboard boxes. Bring your family along and add to the sculpture during the week, so that as the week progresses the surfaces of the wall will be covered on both sides with 3D form. that create shadows and play with light, colour and form.

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