About us

Photo: Douglas Atfield

Photo: Douglas Atfield

firstsite is a visual arts organisation based in Colchester, Essex. Our mission is to make contemporary art relevant to everyone.

What we do

Our integrated programme of work includes projects, exhibitions and publications by established and emerging artists, as well as extensive learning opportunities and artists’ support initiatives.

Over the last fifteen years firstsite has gained a strong reputation by presenting ambitious work to new audiences in the East of England and beyond.

We believe that contemporary art offers fresh perspectives on contemporary life; we are continually looking for ways to encourage dialogues between artists and audiences.

Three-stranded programme

Our integrated programme is made up of three interdependent strands:

Plus Tate

firstsite is proud to be a partner of Plus Tate.

Plus Tate aims to support the development of the visual arts across the UK, and to foster a climate where exchange and partnership can flourish.

Tate's resources are used to contribute to a network of organisations and individuals for the benefit of the wider public, expanding Tate's reach, and increasing public access to the national collection of British and international modern and contemporary art.

Joining together to exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and resources, as well as programmes and collections, the Plus Tate partners, along with and facilitated by Tate, will broaden and deepen engagement in modern and contemporary art across the country.


Plus Tate partners

The partners share a common vision and ambition to inspire people about art. Each organisation, including Tate, is undergoing organisational development and change, often involving a capital project.

All are committed to expanding participation in the visual arts and to collaboration and exchange with the network as a whole.

Plus Tate partners to date are:

Mind Unit - websites, content management and email marketing for the arts